Al Convento

The Farmhouse

At the beginning of 1300 these lands were granted to the brotherhood of the Franciscan Order, which with reclamation works made these territories salubrious. Between the end of 1500 and the beginning of 1600 there were constructed small convent houses, for short periods of residence, where to live only from the beginning of the spring to the late autumn, the time needed for the cultivation of vegetables, medicinal herbs and for the breeding of small animals. These products, first transferred with wagons near to the lagoon eaves at the Cavergnago Port and then loaded on small boats, were assigned to the maintenance of the friars in the convents and monasteries of Venice and to the poor of the city, for the winter time.
The rooms of the Franciscan ex-monastery, now the farm holiday accommodation “Al Convento”, were been restructured and its management was entrusted to the capable Ermanno Brunello, the well-known creator of the historic American Bar in Mestre, to his wife Barbara, which is the caretaker of the furniture and the preparations and to Salvatore Di Paola to whom was assigned the direction of the kitchen. The accommodation has single, double and triple bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities.
The kitchen is open from Wednesday to Sunday and has a typical menu of the Venetian tradition. The ingredients used are genuine, as they come from the local growing and from the barnyard of the nearby farm business.
The accommodation can take up to 70 guests and has comfortable living rooms where you can have a good time in company. The farmhouse is provided with a big garden that allows you to enjoy the quiet of the country and gives you the possibility to have a pleasant stay in the Venetian mainland. It’s important to know that the city of Venice is about 10 minutes away by bus. An interesting point for those who love the history of the country civilization is that some of the rooms of the ex-barn are used as museum, which is cared by the ACETT Association, and it’s an evolving work.
You are welcome in the farmhouse “Al Convento” for a peaceful and relaxing stay and to savour the genuine and delicate food of the Venetian tradition.